When working on the maquettes for my sculptures of women, I simple allow the feminine form to guide me through the three dimensional expression of shapes and forms. My  intention is to illustrate a gracious flow in each sculpture that allows the eye to move over the piece in an endless effusion of movement and delight. The faces of my women are in integral aspect of total design, adding a countenance of tranquility and enjoyment of the moment.

People often ask me why I don’t sculpt men, I am a woman, I know what it is to be a woman, I am in a woman’s body with all of it’s soft feminine fleshiness. Perhaps someday I will sculpt men, but it will have to be from observation.

Music is a tacit expression of energy, invisible to the eye, yet tangibly felt, depending on our ability to respond, and the circumstance of giving over everything to the music, and is an indespensible component of the sculpting process. When engaged, music is an internal massage – etheric in nature. Depending on what the music is in the moment, our bodies respond accordingly. Likewise, music inherently  informs the evolution of each sculpture.

So much could be said about the spherical form, esoteric and exoteric.  Women are in fact a series of spheres covered with fatty tissue and skin, be we young or old. To be celebrated!

My sculptures are not particularly about sexuality, however for men the inevitable attractiveness of the feminine form becomes translated as such. For women, there is camaraderie – a WOW factor of –YES! Women have bellies that are round and okay to exhibit, yes, we have breasts that are large or small or remnants there of, we really are WOMEN.